Coach Tate Charity Foundation Food Program

The Coach Tate Foundation Charity is pleased to announce the extension of its “Food Bank” Services in our “c- Wellness To Wealth Program”, to now include 16 Western North Carolina Counties.

Next step:  Enroll

Go to:; complete the “online” “enrollment” form and submit. (Online Enrollment Forms will be available Thursday, November 10, 2016.)

  • Upon Receipt, Our FWPA (Food Water Program Administrator) will respond within 24 hours, for further guidance;

Due Diligence Process, Both Sides will:

  • Collaborate on Process to fulfill the “program of choice” by recipients;
  • Finalize the Logistics Process;
  • Implement “Orientation Kickoff Program” & Oversight Management Team through On-Site Presentation & Organization;
  • Measure outcomes of analyzed data to capture sustainability & growth opportunities
  • Establish Self-Directed Accountability Model for producing sustainable results: increased performance, productivity and profits, over 5 years;
  • Demonstrate “Purpose” for Enrollment & Sustainability

Upon Approval, Both Sides will:

  • Execute the Logistics Plan;
  • Schedule Pickup and Deliveries;
  • Inspection of Products & Services;
  • Implement Accountability – Oversight Management.

NOTABLE NOTES for Friends & Family of Coach Tate Foundation (FFCTF):

  • Process & Procedures for Receiving “Donations & Contributions” of one’s money, time and service to expand and grow the CTF- Wellness2Wealth Leadership Learning Program Series & Services;

We request all tax deductible donations & contributions be provided in form of certified check or money order to:

  • Coach Tate National Educational Athletics Association Corporation,
  • Online at
  • Sacred Place of Worship Sustainable (SPOW) “Love Offerings”, for each CTF Program & Services, are welcomed.

For our SPOW-church partners;

To: evaluate and analyze the needs of the congregation & community, in which they live, work, play and have their being; and, provide relevant data to establish tailored program;

For our School partners;

To: implement student-athlete “enhanced food wellness program and services” (EFWPS); Distribution Driven; Student Athlete Programs; to serve and educate coaches, players and champions on Food & Water and their intended benefits for all athletes active in sports, to include training of all practitioners;

Dine Healthy Eating

The Coach Tate Foundation Food Drive has created a 7 step process for healthy eating.

Step One: Completing Your Personal Profile
Step Two: Inputting Food Data
Step Three: Getting Food Analysis
Step Four: Review your DINE score and read the extended messages.
Step Five: Create two additional days that include suggested changes.
Step Six: Input Food Data for the Additional Day
Step Seven: Getting Food Analysis

 DINE Healthy 7 is a comprehensive dietary and exercise analysis software program designed to help you plan your diet, improve your nutrition, lose or maintain weight, and achieve energy balance.

The most flexible, feature-packed, comprehensive nutrition analysis software program available, with advanced features.